Plywood Doors

100% Beech. Made in our factory.


The Wave Cut

Our doors are made from the same high quality 100% beech plywood
that we produce in house, thus offering a high resistance over time.

This innovative design allows everyone to see the true beauty of the wood by highlighting its unique patterns.

By carving directly into the sheet of plywood, we were able to obtain a pattern that is clearly showcasing the layers of veneer that were used to produce the plywood in the first place.

Because we use an entire sheet of plywood for each door, you now have a seamless product that will last you for years to come.

This plywood door can be made on different sizes and shades according to your needs.


The Classic. Timeless

Made from a solid piece of plywood, this door offers the same strength and resistance and it comes with a simple, classic design thus can easily fit in any home.

By request, this type of plywood door can have aesthetic veneer faces made from different types of woods such as oak, walnut, beech, cherry, etc.

No wood is the same. Because all of our products are made from100 % beech wood, the patterns that we obtain are different each time, thus making every product that results from our process, a special one.

By managing to process the entire sheet of plywood, the door maintains the same structural resistance as the raw plywood. Nothing is compromised. No shortcuts are taken. Besides being incredibly tough, these plywood doors are very versatile.

That is why, you get not only a timeless piece made with craftsmanship, but also a very resistant product that will last you for years to come.