Dining & Bistro Wood Tables

100% Beech. Made in our factory.

Wood table made from solid beech plywood

Dining & bistro wood tables made from beech plywood

Our dining and bistro wood tables are made from the same high quality 100% beech plywood that we produce in our factory. What does that mean? It means that each and every wood top is made from individual layers of peeled veneer glued together. Thus, it is obtained, an incredibly resistant product, that will last you for years and years to come. All of our tables are transparent lacquered in order to maintain and showcase the true natural, beauty of wood.

As standard, we produce 2 types of products: dining/kitchen tables and bistro tables.


Dining table

  • Dimensions: Top: 1500x750x40mm
  • Height: 720 mm
  • Table: 100 % beech plywood
  • Legs: Steel; Color: Black

Bistro table

  • Dimensions: Top: 800x750x40mm;
  • Height : 725 mm
  • Table: 100% beech plywood
  • Legs: Steel; Color : Black

Dining and Bistro Tables Description

We have created a product that truly passes the test of time and becomes more beautiful the more you use it. Essentially, you have, in one product, the incredible strength of the 100% beech plywood, combined with the beauty of beech veneer. Basically, no matter what table you choose from us, you will get the same incredible quality.

Another key point worth mentioning is the minimalistic, elegant design of both the dining wood table and the bistro table. Firstly, we finished the table top with a beautiful transparent lacquer to protect the veneer and in the same time showcase the beauty of the beech. Secondly, we needed some strong legs to sustain the table top, so we chose solid steel ones for maximum resistance. Also, by choosing the color black for the legs, we managed to create this amazing, Scandinavian like contrast between the warmth of the beech table top and coldness of the black steel legs.

In essence, we have created both a dining table and a bistro table that are not only versatile through their minimalistic silhouette, but also incredibly resistant.