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Top quality custom made plywood.

Cildro is a company that has been on the market for more than 20 years and is now one of the biggest producers in Europe of top quality 100% beech plywood. Our products are made with care and precision using only high quality beech in order to increase resistance and durability in time. Primarily there are two main categories of products: industrial usage and furniture and design. Depending on the final purpose of the product, the characteristics of it might differ, so that is why all of our products are custom made in order to fit the exact needs of our clients.

Our specific products have a high applicability in various domains like the automotive industry, the construction industry, furniture, design elements and many more. Because the product is made from sheets of wood glued together through a special process, the material resulted is much stronger than MDF, OSB, or FIBREBOARD.  In order to increase even more the resistance and quality of our products, we use only beech, due to its incredible qualities.

We're Cildro

Our company focuses on customer centricity. That is why every one of our products is made with the customer’s needs in our sight. Due to the complex production process and the usage of the best available materials, our products are very durable in time even in harsh conditions. That is why most of customers  are using our products in industries such as automotive, construction and furniture.

How we do business

Our entire business is centered around our customers. We want to make sure that each and every one of our clients is receiving a flawless product which suits their wants and needs.

Provide peace of mind

Our mission is to provide our customers a great value for their money, through the development of a flawless product which will last in time.

Materials: Beech
Resistance in time: Very high
Quality: Very high

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Our products are made with care only from the best available raw materials. Thus, the resulted plywood is much stronger and can be used for multiple purposes. We use only beech, which is known for its strength and high abrasion resistance.

Our clients

  • CILDRO's laminates can be found all over the world (Europe, America, Asia) in the construction halls of world-renowned companies such as DaimlerKreysler, VolksWagen, Audi, Porsche, Jaguar, General Motors, Skoda, Seat, etc.
    Large exhibition centers also use CILDRO laminates to cover both floors and walls as well as ceilings. The particularly "welcoming" optical aspect, as well as the resistance to physical wear and heavy traffic, make CILDRO laminates to be implemented in many such exhibition centers (Expo Leipzig, Expo Munich, Romexpo Bucharest, Expo Cologne).


Being a very durable and aesthetic product, it can be used as a substitute for walls and ceilings.


Our products resists up to 40 concrete pours.


Our products can be used for interior design and furniture because they are highly versatile.


Due to their incredible resistance, our products are used in the automotive industry as platforms.


Our consultants will always be there for you, to help you find the best product that will satisfy your needs.


Custom made design and specifications according to the customer’s needs and wants.

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Our products can be used for various activities such as concrete pouring, furniture manufacturing, automobiles production and many more. Get the perfect product for you, in 4 simple steps.

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